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Without a trace of memory, you wake up in a world where everything is made of illusions. Reality has bent with the supernatural. Nobody is present but a few divine sprites. Now you must go out there and seek who you are and what has happened to the world.  Read on to know more about Monument Valley Free Game.

Monument Valley 1 is a beautiful puzzle experience that rarely occurs in the world of gaming. It may be made for mobile but the quality is beyond any other modern handheld game. Filled with delightful music, remarkable lighting and shading as well as a minimalistic art style, Monument Valley goes down as one of the most beautiful puzzle games ever created.

Now you can get to play Monument Valley on PC. Download the game on this page.


A Mysterious Story Filled with Wanderlust

You are a Princess but you don’t know exactly how you received your gift. One day, you wake up from a deep sleep and see the world change. Your family is gone, your friends are missing, and the whole kingdom is deserted. Now, you must act alone and solve different cases where the sky is the limit and the underground is a bottomless pit.

Meet interesting characters along the way and let them help you on your journey to find the answers you seek. They will grant you powers and hints to bring you one step closer to your biggest questions.


Visually Stunning Presentation

As early as the first glance, Monument Valley Free Game has a breathtaking world that looks really good as a wallpaper. Each level looks like a painting and the particle effects appear so surreal. Even if it ages 10 years from now, this will still hold up as a beautiful-looking game.

The game takes inspiration from the medieval times in the Middle East fused with modern art. As a result, Monument Valley feels alive in an artistic way.  The colors, the 3D sprites, the animations of manipulating the levels, the lighting, they’re all eye candy. Only fools would say this game looks bad.


Monument Valley Free Game has Relaxing Music

To complement the visuals, Monument Valley also presents eargasmic music that you want to listen to for days. The music feels so relaxing, you’d want to close your eyes and savor every note. Even the sound effects feel like they came from an ASMR video; they send tingles.

The music also helps to let you focus more and solve the problems much faster. After all, good relaxing music soothes the mind and soul.


Amazing Puzzle Solving

At the heart of Monument Valley comes the gameplay. Only a few games can deliver original puzzle games and this is one of them. Played like optical illusions, Monument Valley will tingle your brain with its mind-boggling level designs. Tap, drag, rotate, slide and push your way into one step further to finding the answers you seek.

The world is your playground that lets your mind go freely. Forget realism and numbers; this game deals with logic and good pacing.

Additionally, the game recently received a free update titled “Forgotten Shores” – 8 new chapters with puzzles much more challenging than the base game. Can you solve all of them?


Award-Winning Team in Monument Valley Free Game

The creators of the game, ustwo games, are an independent indie developer that only houses a dozen employees. However, this team does what no AAA game publisher does: create a game with love. And you can totally see it once you play the game. High-quality visuals, super music and sound scoring, intelligent puzzle solving designs and fantastic script-writing. For a mobile game, this feels more like a Steam release.

As a result, Monument Valley received multiple awards including The Golden Joysticks’ Best Puzzle Game for Mobile and Mobile Game of the Year but different gaming media such as Kotaku, IGN and Gamesradar.


Play to Your Hearts Content on PC for Free

Yes, the game was created for mobile but if you’re planning to install a clunky emulator, let me stop you right there. All you have to do is install the game right on this page! Why? Let me list a few good reasons:

The Monument Valley gameplay includes fully functional mouse and keyboard controls, monitor resolution optimization, includes all game content (even the DLCs) for free, and no need to use a 3rd party program like an emulator.

With this version, you can play the game right on the get-go. Download the installer here, complete the set-up and you’ll puzzle solve directly on the desktop. Sounds easy, right? And besides, you won’t need to wait for an emulator to load up for minutes before you can finally use it. Get the Monument Valley as a free game online here.  For more puzzle games, check out Flow Free too.

Game Features

  • Amazing visuals that will leave you in awe
  • Relaxing music that you will want to listen to for hours
  • Fantastic puzzle solving with a mix of platforming and optical illusions
  • A deep and engrossing storyline that feels very compelling
  • Tons of content you will want to try out

Download and Play Monument Valley Now!

Check out these game screenshots.

Monument Valley Screenshot
Monument Valley Screenshot

Monument Valley Free Game Online | Download on PC for Free Here