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Basic Tips & Tricks to Play Monument Valley

Monument Valley is one of the few game titles that come with well-balanced gameplay elements. One of the possible reasons for the game’s harmoniously fluid gameplay is its minimalistic approach to provide a premium experience rather than a challenging one. In addition, the game was also built under the principle of “quality over quantity,” which explains the astonishing 10 chapters in the main campaign and the eight chapters of the expansion.

By now, you might be thinking that the game is easy enough to defeat due to its normal level of difficulty when it comes to challenges. Nevertheless, if you have yet to jump into the game, you might consider checking out some of our tips below to help you get through the game faster.

Tip 1: From a Different Angle

Monument Valley uses a variety of elements from optical illusions and impossible objects. Thus, most of the puzzles in the game are solvable by simply looking at the structures from a different angle. Note that Monument Valley is big on perception. Even if the line connects with another line, it’s not directly connected unless seen from a different perspective.


Monument Valley Chapter 3


Tip 2: Explore Each Chapter in Monument Valley

One of the best attributes of Monument Valley is its appealing design. The design of each character, building, or puzzle is just breathtaking, if not relaxing. With that said, our next tip is to explore each chapter in the game. That way, you can enjoy the mesmerizing design and artwork of the game. Exploring each chapter will not only allow you to know more about that specific level but will also give you a relaxing experience.

Tip 3: There’s Always a Way Around

One of the best parts of Monument Valley is that there is always a way out of a sticky situation. This means that there is no way for you to get stuck on any of the chapters in the game. If you’re stuck in the level, the best thing to do is to backtrack and examine each puzzle. Another tip is to look for some moving parts that you can use in the game.

Now that you know these tips, always keep these in mind every time you play Monument Valley for a better gameplay experience. Moreover, enjoy the game more by downloading and playing it on PC today!