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Discover the 10 Brilliant Chapters in Monument Valley

Monument Valley provides an awe-inspiring and straightforward puzzle game experience like you’ve never seen before. Although the game comes with weak difficulty levels, its design and puzzle elements are enough to keep you occupied for hours. With that said, if you are a new or a returning player of the game who wants to have an edge the moment you step into the game, feel free to check out our Monument Valley chapter overview below.

Chapter I: Monument Valley

Chapter 1 in Monument Valley is the easiest to solve in the game. This is because the first chapter is the tutorial mode, which introduces the basic gameplay mechanics. Players can solve this chapter faster than their usual coffee break.

Chapter II: The Garden

Like the first chapter, The Garden chapter is also easy to solve. This level serves as the kickoff event of Princess Ida’s journey across their dusty planet. This chapter also introduces new structures like the one-rotating platform and the switch.

Chapter III: Hidden Temple

The Hidden Temple Chapter introduces the rotating platform to the game. This chapter also introduces the “area within the area” location levels, which will become a prevalent feature in the game. Two areas mean twice the fun.


Monument Valley Water Palace


Chapter IV: Water Palace

The Water Palace takes place in the middle of the water. Furthermore, the Storyteller is an NPC in the game. This level introduces the walk on wall ability of Princess Ida. Moreover, the Water Palace is also one of the most beautiful chapters in the game.

Chapter V: The Spire

The Spire introduces the roaming crows that can block Princess Ida’s path. This chapter is set during the wee hours of the evening. Moreover, this level also features most of the traps and structures in the game. Think of it as a test to check if you learned something from the previous levels in the game.

Chapter VI: The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is one of the most complex chapters in the game. This is also where the totem first made an appearance to help Princess Ida. Moreover, the activities in this chapter make the previous chapters small. One main reason is that the Labyrinth comes with a variety of mazes for you to solve.

Chapter VII: The Rookery

The Rookery is a multi-location level filled with traps, crows, and other elements. The storyteller will also make an appearance on this level.

Chapter VIII: The Box

Like the name of this chapter goes, The Box features a cube-shaped structure with multiple openings. Compared to the previous chapters, this chapter is packed with awesome surprises. The best part of this level is that the true form of the cube is revealed.

Chapter IX: The Descent

The Descent tells the backstory before the events leading to the first chapter. This level also showcases the totem, who is one of the most useful characters in the game. Furthermore, the Storyteller will also make an appearance in this chapter.

Chapter X: Observatory

The last but definitely not the least chapter in Monument Valley is called the Observatory. Expect to see some of the best puzzles on this level. Apart from that, you will also find out in this level why Princess Ida is so silent. After you solve this level, Ida’s Dream will be available in the chapter selection menu.

Now that you have an overview of the various chapters in Monument Valley, feel free to download, install, and play the game on your PC today.